Liquid Tape


Liquid Electrical Tape and Spray Electrical Insulation

Liquid Tape is a rubber coating for use as electrical tape and insulation. This flexible coating exhibits excellent protection from acid, alkaline, and abrasion, as wells as sealing out moisture and salt permanently.  Liquid Tape has the strongest dielectric protection on the market; 1,200 v/mil, 5 – 7 mils per coat. Our rubber based coating will not harden, unravel or become brittle in extreme weather conditions like our competitors’ vinyl based product. Available in 4 oz Brush-In-Cap Carded and 6 oz Aerosol.


The 4 oz. brush-in-cap container colors come in Black and Red.
The 6 oz. aerosol container comes in Black and Clear only.



  • 4 oz. brush-in-cap container
  • 6 oz. aerosol container



  • 6 oz. aerosol container



  • 4 oz. brush-in-cap container




Liquid Tape provides Electrical Insulation.


Use Liquid Tape to insulate cables



Protect electrical connections on wires, cables, alarms, electronics


Liquid tape used to insulate & protect cable and other electronics


Liquid Tape Spray takes the place of electrical tape by providing electrical insulation to hard-to-reach places. Pinpoints circuit board connections.