International Procurement & Shipping

Is there an item that you are looking for but is not available in Singapore?


There is no limitation to the types and industry of the products that we will help you source for, be it home consumers or corporate enquires, so long as the nature of the item is compliant with the legal requirements with the authorities.


Some examples of customer request :


  1. Heavy industrial machinery
  2. Automotive racing parts
  3. Protective clothings
  4. Specific brand of welding machines
  5. Marine chemicals and lubricants
  6. Medical and marine books
  7. Maps and charts
  8. Safety equipment
  9. Office stationaries
  10. Computer parts, accessories and consumables
  11. Gas tanks and gas
  12. Thermal imaging and sound equipments


Please do feel free to drop us an email with your enquiry and we will do our best to assists with the sourcing and procurement of your required items. ( Subjective to the nature of item and legal requirements. )


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